First Catskill sesh of 2018

I linked up with my buddy Joe from up north to start filming for him. We ended up doing two days worth of shooting video and stills. I got to meet some new people and get reacquainted with one I hadn’t seen since last June. Guillermo also joined us for the second day. Both days […]

Starting 2018 in style

A few months ago, my friend Arthur was talking to me about possibly selling his car and wanting to do a shoot. I said “Yes, of course. Anytime.” He’s busy with work. I was busy with the skaters. I kinda forgot about it. This weekend, I got a message about doing the shoot on Sunday. It […]

Stages of editing

With some shots, it’s pretty clear some editing work went into them. With others, it’s not so apparent. For today’s #throwbackthursday, I decided to look at an one such shot. Back in July, I was out shooting Patrick working on his slides at this one hill. It was very bright and sunny, but there was […]

One more edit for 2017

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. Last month, I had it in mind to look back and possibly put together a demo reel for the year, but I didn’t have a whole lot to work with. With Christmas and New Year’s fast approaching, I basically gave up on the idea and focused on making […]

I thought I was done for the year

It was the 30th of December. The temp was about 16 (F) and there was a light dusting coming through the NY metro area. I peeked on my Instagram at some point and saw Guillermo had posted a story about snow skating. I thought “oh, here it comes…” Sure enough, I get a message elsewhere […]

2017: Year in Review

At the end of each year, I like to put together collages of my year in photos. I generally post to my flickr and write a little blurb just giving a general sense of how things went. Each year is “my best ever”. I’m very happy to say that’s the case once again. I normally […]

Winter Rush

That’s the title I decided on for my edit of our last downhill / follow session of the year. A raw run of the hill is already available for viewing. We did several runs, with each skater taking a turn close to the camera. This edit highlights each skater as they pass through the 4 […]