Stopped in his tracks

It’s another stormy day here in the Lower Hudson Valley. Flood warnings are in effect for the better part of the day. I’m reminded of the Central Mass 8 race two weeks ago, where the large puddle formed and gave me a good amount of material to work with. Here we have someone who nearly […]

Event Hosts get in on the action

After the official racers made their way down the hill, event hosts Rob and Aaron of Faceplant Boardriders would make their way down as well. Why stand around and waste a perfectly good hill, right? 🙂 After the finalists made their way down in the last heat, people were also welcome to run the hill […]

Admiring the view

Since I started shooting to work on my skills, nature was my primary subject. It’s still one I pursue with some regularity, as I look around for different parks and trails in my area. What I enjoy most is where nature and man-made meet, like some of those spots where I find graffiti. I had […]

((( In Stereo )))

When everyone has the same idea. On the left, Pat and Matt, repping the same brand (Stim Trucks) and having the same idea for how to take the turn. There was eventually some shoulder to shoulder contact, but no crash. On the right, two other competitors had the same idea for how to take the […]

Hay, don’t flip out…

That’s exactly what happened though. He did a full flip onto his back. This was the first of many crashes I witnessed at the Kings Gap race. That’s Gary off to the side. I was catching him on his way through the first major turn in the first heat. He got very close to the […]

Kings Gap 2017

I made my way down to Carlisle, PA with the Stim Trucks team for Kings Gap, a 2+ mile race through a park. It was a smaller event, with 30-ish racers in the main downhill event and a few more in the Junior Downhill. At the end, there was an uphill push race, which supported […]