Tricking in BK

I’ve been shooting a lot of skateboarding action recently. It’s mostly been of my friend Gary and his team practicing on hills. A while back, I talked to Gary about meeting up  in the city. I was looking to for a change of scenery and maybe a trick or two. We met up in Brooklyn and he took me around to some spots he likes to ride through. We came to this one spot in Brooklyn Bridge Park, where there was a decent spot to do an Ollie. We took our places and made a few attempts.

Every so often, when shooting action, I get to have my subject in a series of poses in one frame. If they play together nicely, I start layering them to make a sequence like this one.

Gap Sequence

It’s a lot of work, especially when the subject overlaps with itself or you have moving objects in the back that you don’t necessarily want to have repeated, but it’s well worth it. In an ideal situation, there’s a tripod and nothing moving in the background. All that really matters though is shooting manual, so you don’t end up with images that vary in contrast, color or focus.



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