New Site, Construction Site

I’ve had my domain for over a year now. The site it points to recently got some much needed attention. While shopping around for hosts, I came across zenfolio, which has a number of useful features, including an easy way to share proofs with clients without giving everything away. At the same time, I could easily set up galleries for family and friends to pick stuff up from events. They offered a free two week trial with all the features turned on (no card required). This was plenty of time to learn how everything works and make a decision. I still have a few more photos to add to my portfolio, but what’s there pretty well covers what it is I’m looking to get hired for.

A more extensive look at my work can always be found on my flickr page, where I usually link back images I post here.

dg screenshot

This is one of five images that shows up on the front page of my site in a slideshow. It’s what I thought I was going to be shooting when I found a skater to take photos with, but what I’ve been getting has been better, as you’ve already seen. Gary and his friends have been good to me as I tag along to shoot and hang out, so I gave them each a little spot on the site. It’s been a fun couple of months so far and it should get better as we get closer to when they do some actual downhill racing events.

Getting back to the photo itself, it’s from a little trek we took through Brooklyn. I usually hang around Manhattan, but was looking to just chill somewhere else and maybe find some spots to do portraits or street photography. He asked me where I wanted to go. I left it up to him, as I like to experience another person’s view of a place before I try to figure out what it is I like. He took me around the Dumbo area and showed me some hills he’s run and told me some other stories. We were making our way to the subway to head back home, when we passed by this nice open area and Gary decided to do an ollie or two. His trucks are designed more for downhill and have some weight to them, but here he shows they can still be used for some tech skating.

I recently passed through the area again for a little more scouting. I hope to do something here soon.

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