Heelside Check

Heelside Check

Guillermo goes into a heelside check. I have a little clip below featuring the full move.

Guillermo loves to bring people together to skate.  I first met him the same day I met Joe. At this event back in June, he had about 20 people show up and we were there for a good few hours. As I noted in my last post, people come from far and wide to these events. A lot of people come up from all over the tri-state area, as far north as Dutchess County. He also gets around quite a bit himself, skating all over the region.

He recently made a trip down to Delaware to catch a 2-day skate event called Skate The Cape. You can read all about that experience over at Moonshine MFG, where Guillermo is a team ambassador.

This trip upstate came together about a week ago. Joe threw out an invite for people to come skate some hills in his area before things got really cold. I had just about ruled out anymore skate trips and was starting to tell Joe that we could probably do something next year. Before I got a response from Joe, Guillermo decided we should head up, so we did. Depending on the weather, there might be one more trip. Either way, this was a fun trip and a nice way to wrap up the season.


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