Product shot

Since we started shooting, I would occasionally ask Gary for a set of trucks to do some shooting with. I recently had the opportunity to work with a fresh set.  I started out on some pavement, shooting different angles. I later tried some shots on grass. I reviewed some shots with him and let him […]

Streets ablaze

After making a quick stop in mom’s old neighborhood, we all returned to the ship and went our separate ways to hang out, as we waited for the ship to depart. The ship offered a great vantage point to capture much of the harbor area and some parts of the city. With about half an […]

Havana homecoming

The second stop on the cruise was Havana, Cuba. We left Key West around 6:00PM. At around 6:00AM the next morning, I was up for breakfast and could see the city lights as we approached Havana Harbor. At around 7:00AM, when the sun was starting to rise, we began to pass through the canal. I […]

Key West (post Irma)

Last weekend, I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. Key West and Havana, Cuba were the two stops. Hurricane Irma tore through a couple weeks prior and Key West was taken off the itinerary. Royal Caribbean made good use of its ships and would drop off supplies to impacted areas. We would make one […]

#tbt Car Shows

I’ve always had a fondness for cars, classic and modern. I was recently reminded of this when a facebook memory popped up with a shot from a car show I went to a few years back. It was a 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster. Today, I decided to add another shot to my flickr of a […]