Hairpin Trio

In my last post, I mentioned stopping for some stills at this hairpin turn. I got a nice set of shots of the three skaters.

One more run…

Guillermo and I went upstate again, to meet with Leunam and Miguel. I got to work more on my follow driving. We spent about 5 hours there. I arranged a couple of stops at this one hairpin turn for stills. It’s starting to get pretty cold and snow started to fall today, so that’s probably […]

The Sunset Run

Something I didn’t necessarily see myself doing anytime soon, but have always had in the back of my mind was to film while driving. This year, I was presented with the opportunity, as there’s a demand for footage following these downhill skaters on a run. I’ve done it on 4 separate days so far. It’s […]

Caterpillars and other animal sightings

I came across this little guy during my Saturday session with Joe and Guillermo. They were done wrapping up their warm up run, when I spotted this caterpillar crossing the road. It’s a Woollybear Caterpillar, which becomes an Isabella Tiger Moth. (wikipedia) It’s funny… It seems every time I go to one of these shoots […]

Heelside Check

Guillermo goes into a heelside check. I have a little clip below featuring the full move. Guillermo loves to bring people together to skate.  I first met him the same day I met Joe. At this event back in June, he had about 20 people show up and we were there for a good few […]

Thanksgiving music

Aside from photography, another creative outlet for me is singing. I belong to a church choir and I occasionally record our performances and put it together with some of my photography / video. This is a performance of Thanks Be To Thee by George F. Handel. When I first had the idea to put together […]

Switch Squatter Slide

This is Joe. I met him about 5 months ago at an event Guillermo setup for the community down here in Westchester. He made the furthest trek, coming down from the Catskills (Someone else had the most time-consuming, taking mass transit from New Jersey). Joe is a flow rider for Zenit Longboards in Montreal. While […]