Giving thanks

This week in the US, we gather around with our families and we give thanks. I’m most thankful for the opportunity to finally visit my mom’s hometown of Havana, Cuba. It’s something that was threatened by disasters both natural and man-made. It was only for a day and even that didn’t go quite as planned, […]

Setting up for a turn

I find I’m missing the warmer weather even more this year. The skate action is getting scarce and soon the snow will fall. There’s plenty to look back on, though. As things wind down in this month of giving thanks, I want to make sure I throw out some thanks to those that welcomed me […]

7 Day Challenge: Black & White

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was challenged to take some black & white shots for seven consecutive days. The conditions were that there be no humans and no explanation of what’s going on. I blew the no explanation part for the first day, as that was my very first bald eagle sighting. […]

Catching the fall colors, among other things.

I had recently seen this beautiful downhill run in the autumn foliage, so I asked my friends if anyone was interested in going out for a shoot. Today, I drove across the Hudson with Guillermo to watch him do some quick runs and take in some sights. I got a lot of good material. One […]


There’s this one spot where I shot from back in March. I wanted to come back to this spot when things were green and try a different angle. Things are winding down for skate season. I hope to get a couple more days in with some nice autumn colors. I might recap some earlier parts […]

Product shot

Since we started shooting, I would occasionally ask Gary for a set of trucks to do some shooting with. I recently had the opportunity to work with a fresh set.  I started out on some pavement, shooting different angles. I later tried some shots on grass. I reviewed some shots with him and let him […]