How to move up the upload queue.

I’m on my second pass of sorting through my photos from the downhill race.  I started around 380 photos. Now, I’m down to 351, starting to get picky over what’s really presentable. It’s hard to decide what to post next, but then I notice this guy’s giving a little pose for the camera(s).

Watch those puddles

Yesterday, I made an early morning trek to Harvard, Mass. to check out the Central Mass Skate Festival. It’s a 3 day event, with all kinds of skate action. I was bringing up a few riders for the event and we made our way back to NY after they were done racing. Saturday was all […]

Stim Trucks 2017 reel

As I mentioned last week, Gary’s been grabbing footage for a reel. Here’s the final cut made with footage from the past year. I’m actually in there somewhere, but again I refer to a previous post, where I talk about trying to stay hidden. Sometimes, this works a little too well and Gary will be […]

Awkward Moments

I came across this article by a Serbian photographer who talks about awkward moments in the life of photographers.  I thought I would relate my own experiences. I always do my best to stay out of people’s way and not draw attention to myself. I like to think I do fairly well. It really isn’t […]

Grabbing footage

Gary will often have a GoPro in-hand or on-helmet to grab footage for use in demo reels. Here he is following Patrick. Some day, I’d like to get where I can skate and film, though not necessarily at this speed. 😉 I’m thinking more about just cruising around a car or going along side someone […]